I’m sorry I cut attitude with you earlier. I really wish you could understand how I feel sometimes though . & the fact that you don’t is so frustrating. I have this burning desire to want to be up under you at all times. Earlier when I spoke to you at school in that spare second when I broke my spoon I like actually was really pissed off . It was scary . Like I was super mad . That’s unreal man . I want all of your attention all of the time Like even when I’m mad at you I want to be up under you . It’s like a force much greater than I am capable of controlling that pulls me to you . I’m soo emotional when it comes to you & I hate it!!! All the emotion that I give you isn’t reciprocated. I know it’s not in your nature . But I don’t even feel as if you attempt to let it be in your nature. It’s like you just accept the fact that you aren’t so “touchy feely” and then that’s that. Too bad Kheema you’re on your own . —at least that’s how I interpret it .

Its 3:30am & I have yet to fall asleep . Why??? Idk . I mean I know why but im in denial I don’t want to admit to myself that you have kept me up . I’m too attached man πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜’.

"What you NOT gone do is…"

African American Proverb - said in response to someone who is trying to handle you any kind of way. (via blackproverbs)

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